Robot sculpture, Adriel


Looking for the ideal Robot Sculpture? We are proud to introduce you to our Adriel Robot Sculpture. A unique handmade creation.

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Looking for the ideal Robot Sculpture? We are proud to introduce you to our Adriel Robot Sculpture. A unique handmade creation.

Introducing: Adriel Mechanitron

Adriel is not like any other robot. He is an angelic robot. That’s right, he combines technology and spirituality. Adriel’s goal is to help people be better in every possible way. He is a mechanic divine guardian in men’s life. He represents honesty, sincerity, forgiveness and the most important thing of all; love. Some may suspect that a robot’s mind won’t be very supportive about anything that contains emotions. However, Adriel doesn’t underestimate feelings, only instincts. Isn’t that what a proper angel would do?
Adriel is here to bring light to your life, and also your room. He’ll make your house feel more home than ever. You’ll feel protected having your little metallic angel around and he’ll inspire you to be a better person. He is prepared to transform your environment into a more peaceful and cozy place, but also remember, with a unique figure like that by your side, it will never feel boring!


3 bulb socket
Dimmer 0-220V
Voltmeter showing how much voltage you provide to the bulbs


Adriel belongs to the Mechanitron family. The body comes from a motor I salvaged from the junk yard. The metal was in perfect condition. No rust. Started with a white primer, then green and brown spray with different spraying techniques to reach this random looking result. Used couple of wrenches for hands. Last I added few materials from a hardware store and my “salvage all metal parts” collection.

The camera is an Alka antique one. It was manufactured by in Germany back in 1953.

Just love my Robots to have a real purpose and be useful for the humans who deserve to have them in their lives. And I do mean someone like YOU!!! So I provided Adriel with a dimmable socket for 3 bulbs. Also on the front I placed a voltmeter that indicates how much voltage you provide to the bulbs.

The electric circuit is brand new, assembled by myself. Comes with an EU plug.




Adriel is standing by himself but please keep him away from infants or pets!


My standard shipping provider is Hellenic post.
Estimated days of delivery:
EU 3-5 working days
USA, rest of the world 5-7 working days

The service I use guarantees that in couple days the parcel is in destination country. Local services distribution varies greatly for each country.


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