Robot sculpture, Mike


Looking for the ideal Robot Sculpture? We are proud to introduce you to our Mike Robot Sculpture. A unique handmade creation.

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Looking for the ideal Robot Sculpture? We are proud to introduce you to our Mike Robot Sculpture. A unique handmade creation.

Introducing: Mike Mechanitron

Mike is the ultimate leader. He is a station master who loves his job and knows how to keep everything under control, ’cause if there’s one thing he despise most, that is lack of organization. He may seem a little strict, but that’s only his way to remind everyone to stay focused. Even though he is very passionate about his job, he knows exactly how to act in difficult situations and never shows his panic. That way he affects his co-workers to keep cool and stay concentrated, and at the end, everything gets back together faster than expected!
Having Mike around will definitely increase your inspiration. You’ll feel more productive than ever and his imposing presence will always keep you organized. He is the perfect company for optimistic workaholics, but also a great instructor for all those unorganized absent-minders out there!


Night light: 12V red leds
Motor: 3RPM motor! The fan on the back spinning at 3 rounds per minute. On/Off toggle switch on the front.

Mike is the first one from the Mechanitron family. His body comes from an old motor I salvaged from the junk yard. The metal was in perfect condition. No rust, no patina. Just sanded it a bit to prepare it for the primer. Sprayed red paint. Used couple of wrenches for hands. Finished with a varnish coating. Last I added few materials from a hardware store.

The camera is a Bilora antique one. It was manufactured by Kurbi & Niggeloh (Bilora), in Germany back in 1954.

Just love my Robots to have a real purpose and be useful for the humans who deserve to have them in their lives. And I do mean someone like YOU!!! So I provided Mike with a night light.

The electric circuit is brand new, assembled by myself. Comes with an EU plug.


Weight: 1870gr


Mike is standing by himself but please keep him away from infants or pets!


My standard shipping provider is Hellenic post.
Estimated days of delivery:
EU 3-5 working days
USA, rest of the world 5-7 working days

The service I use guarantees that in couple days the parcel is in destination country. Local services distribution varies greatly for each country.


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