Robot sculpture, Nilson


Looking for the ideal Robot Sculpture? We are proud to introduce you to our Nilson Robot Sculpture. A unique handmade creation.

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Looking for the ideal Robot Sculpture? We are proud to introduce you to our Nilson Robot Sculpture. A unique handmade creation.

Introducing: Nilson Mechanitron

One thing you should never forget about Nilson is that he never opens up first. He is one of those serious introverts you’ll meet in your life who may seem kinda cold in the beginning, but once you get to know them better, they totally fascinate you with their charismatic skills and knowledge, that you can’t believe they were the same person you were observing a minute ago. You just have to make the first step, and you’ll see that Nilson is not only cool and glamorous on the outside, trust me. He’s eccentric, but, you know, in a good way.
Nilson came to this planet to make your life more interesting and light it up the way you want to, always depending on your mood. Feelin’ red-headed, green and envy, or like spinning around, he’s got it all! Such a colorful and bright spirit could definitely be the life of the party. Wow, who could have guessed that?


Night light: 12V red leds
Room light: 12V green leds
3 round per minute motor
1 switch to start/stop the motor
1 switch on/off lights
1 black power switch on power cord


The body comes from a motor I salvaged from the junk yard. The metal was in perfect condition. No rust. Used a primer to prepare the metal for the paint. Blue spray paint for the main body with white details and black for the top and bottom parts with silver details. Used couple of wrenches for hands which I combined with metal objects from my “salvage all metal parts”collection. Added furniture legs for legs. Build a hat from a brass object and added copper pieces with some adhesive glue. Next I attached a 3rpm motor at the bottom and glued a mass of copper I stripped from an old motor which spins when bottom switch is on. At the top part of the interior I placed red LED lights to highlight the movement of the copper when spinning. Green LED lights at the back provide extra lighting in the room and give a futuristic essence to Nilson.

The camera is a Kodak Brownie Starmite antique one. It was manufactured by Kodak in France back in 1960.

Just love my Robots to have a real purpose and be useful for the humans who deserve to have them in their lives. And I do mean someone like YOU!!! So I provided Nilson with a red night light. Also a green light to transform Nilson into an accent lamp!

The electric circuit is brand new, assembled by myself. Comes with an EU plug.


Weight: 2820gr


Nilson is standing by himself but please keep him away from infants or pets!


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