About us

About us

What does it take to transform an every day item to a work of art, what is it that adds value to something we use every day?

Here in InSpiral Tree, we strongly believe that the value of things is only as strong as the love a person has given to them. A love that can be given either from the effort of making them, using them, or simply associating them with blissful memories. Therefore, we provide you with everyday materials that are handmade from our creative team, making sure to give each piece it’s own unique style and personality, designing every single detail and manufacturing it carefully.

Once we’re done taking care of them, they’re ready to take care of you!

We are looking forward to what future holds for us, while we want to remain true to the quality standards set by our previous experience. Passionate with creating unique, “one of a kind” art or salvaging masterpieces from the past and bringing them back to life.

The Crew

Kostis Vozikis a.k.a. "The Captain"

Founder of InSpiral Tree. Self-taught artist, dropped Electronic Engineering studies on the last year to follow his passion for art. An established artist pursuing a mutli-faceted career as a composer, a sound engineer, a performer. As a freelance composer he has composed 25 theatrical scores for the National Theater of Northern Greece, Regional and Municipal theaters and several independent theater groups over the years. With "2L8", his personal project, he has released a discography of 5 albums. Among them the first crowdfunded album in Greece.

Emmanuela Sfiridou a.k.a. "Emmanuelite"

Illustrator artist. As she has also been expressing herself through performing arts in the past, she's now professionally involved with fashion and commercial industry as a model. Her latest obsession with the Lowbrow movement is the inspiration for the upcoming oxidation art series of her artwork. Also providing unique designs for our decoupage series. Girls, monsters, aliens and robots coming straight from the subconscious, all captured on paper or in digital form.

Chrisa Voziki a.k.a. "Mom"

All things decoupage associated. Perfectionist, extreme attention to the detail. Boxes, hairbrushes, knobs and more. Also: amazing cooking!